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Welcome to my blog,

        My blog is about expression of my personal thoughts and experiences that I encountered during my life. When i ran out of ideas to blog, I prefer to post up pictures rather than typing the words. :)

Basic information of the blog's author :
Nicole who live in Kota Kinabalu currently undergraduate of Civil Eng. I speak 100% Chinese, 99% Sabah Malay, 70% English, 40% Hokkien, 10% Hakka & Cantonese, 0.1% Kadazan. Please don't confuse when reading my blog post. Its all mixed.

I am proud of what I am today and of course will not forget my root. I love my families!

I blog everything -  my life, what-I-eat-today, what I did yesterday, what I bought, a random pic etc.

I am not an active blog walker yet you can drop your footstep here so that I can trace you as soon as I have free time.

Appreciate that you visit my blog. Do follow me if you like reading my blog and no worries I dont mind if you leaving my blog without following. :)

Have a nice day readers.
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