Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Done with Contract.

26.04.11 Tuesday

Today just realized, i should have set a standard for my blog. So, here i made an improvement to it. :) The blog link on the pictures! haha...i just realized most of the blogger friends of mine did this.

Today is the second paper for the third year sem 2 examination - Contract and Estimation. Firstly, it was my fault for not having enough preparation. Secondly, the exam only took 2 1/2 hour and it was indeed not enough time for us to finish it. :( However, look forward. There is two more paper next week.

After the paper, course mates and I went to 1Borneo to release tension. We went to eat at Pizza Hut and coincidently met two other groups of course mates having dinner there too - Rachel the gang and Emma the couple with their family. Emma's nephew is really cute. I don't know how the spelling was but the pronunciation was Casli. Cute.....

We went to Harris and i has been longing to buy Shabu Shabu Part 3 and here it is. Yeehaaa!
Well, i stopped buying the romance translated comic because the plot was always the same. Different storyline but same ending. DUh~ boring. And while browsing over the hotspot books area I found out an illustration diary look a like book and it caught my attention. I am going to buy it as soon as the exam is over. :)

Talk a lot with course mates today and reached home 10pm. Oh no~ I missed the drama on 8.30pm. :( Tonight is going to be a relaxation night. Tomorrow should start study for the next paper. We'll see. Buying pearl milk tea + jelly at Cool's city. I want pearl pearl pearl...but it was about to close so no more pearl.

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