Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Chemical Romance - #SINGItForJapan

I can assume that I am not really an updated person when it comes to music. :p I only listen to those music i heard on the radio everyday and shared by friends via tweet and facebook. This song made up my day. Remind me the feel that i had always forgotten - Live your life to the fullest everyday, what happens if someone you love or you die the next seconds? *Touchwood. So do filled up everyday with meaningful and good deeds. Owh.. This is really a reminder to myself. :)

My chemical romance - Sing. Found out in tweet. If it was removed, then go utube it yourself.:)

Heard a friend said before, "ketulahan tu negara matahari terbit, tula dorang ganas dulu, bunuh kita punya orang" something like that, but for me that was a history. It was during the 1950's man. We must move forward. Should stop those thinking. I might have no the money to donate to them or volunteer to go to that country to help them but sincerely, i hope the prayer reach everyone of them there. Be strong, nippon jin..

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