Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011 | Day 7

CNY Day 7

After class,......


no "after class"....
last night play rami until 12 and tiredddddd daooo....
that morning cant wake up and accidentaly ter-skip class..
woke up at 11...
12pm went to lab to do my part.
then back home sleep again...until 5.30pm.
night out to SUshi KIngggg!!!!

Its an early birthday celebration for Yeoh n Lulu.
Since they all still here, so they decided to celebrate it earlier.
And the venue was at Sushi King, WS.

The peace.
The chopsticks.
When the cakes out from kitchen.

Like to see everyone's smile....

I like when everyone is smilinggg.... HEHE

Chocolate Indulgence from SR.

Yeoh's turn.

We were so full after eat more than 5 plates of sushi per person.
so we only eat small quantity of the cake.
birthday boy must finish it!!!!
See his plate.

A big portion of cake.

And finally...he finished it.

Listening to story.
With the sushi tower....

On the way to Yap's house.....
BUfolooooooo & raMYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

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