Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY 2011 | Day1

I had been really busy this week.
Went to class on day time.
Went out with friends on night time.
So i hardly had time to online using laptop.
Back home late, sleep at 2am.....wake up at at sch at 8am....
Its CNY day 10.
5 more days before cny ends.
But i Reaaallllyyy in CNY mood that i dont have any mood for the books assmgnt etc.
tones of work waiting for me.

Chinese New Years 2011 Day 1 at Bukau, Beaufort.

Second cousins from Bongawan. Some of them not able to come back.

Family pics.


beaty said...

ramainya..ui na lawa2 lagi sumandak tu owh

Demetria Escovedo said...

haha......thanks beaty....sederhana ja kami...di kampong ni....

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