Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JoMax in KK.

1 Feb 11 - Tuesday

Two more days to Chinese New Year. As usual will be heading back to Beaufort for the CNY celebration with family. This year would be different as there is no more broadband to online at the old wooden house. Plus my cough and sore throat did not recover before the big days and quite suffering because its painful when you cough, you can feel the telinga some what gegendang telinga also sakit. Damn! Keep telling myself to see doc but am so lazy to go out once get home from outside. Dont Worry. Everything is going to be fine soon.

A lil updates: After around 4 years, Jocelyn from Australia is back!!!!! We missed her so much. Let the pics talk.

Anonymous Aunty (In chinese) : "which celebrity is coming to KK?"
One of us : " err..................no artist.....just our friend......"

So here the artist!!!!! hahahaha......

A Super duper fans of Suju and she just back from Super Junior 2 days concert in Sg.

Then we were heading to Foh Sang for some light dinner.

No parking!
i hate when there is no parking!!! as i am not a pro driver yang "pandai park".

Next destination, JP.
Wanted to go in until the end of the port but sadly it was so dark and "artist" bring quite a big amount of $$$.
So we just sat outside there chitchating lol.

Then the next day.

Amp Square@ Suria Sabah.

but if there is not much customer can extend to 4pm.
included lunch.
Just RM 14+.!!!!!! LIKE!

But there is not much new songs.
Not even GRENADE in the list.
Punya kiciwa.
Overall. Not bad.


Anonymous said...

Jocelyn!!! wow.. kim salam~~~
mesti syok kan kamu sana..

Demetria Escovedo said...

ok...saya kirim salam nanti....bawah dia pi jalan2 saja...eh...ko di sini nanti..kita pun pi jalan2 ba...hehe

Anonymous said...

ya.. nnt kita pny cuti panjang kan.. 4 bulan. haha. last sem break kita kuar pun brapa kali ja.. sem break ni byk masa~~ :D

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