Saturday, October 2, 2010

CE Family Day


First of all, happy holidays to all sabahan &
happy birthday to our TYT.

Its october already.
Of course, its the best month of the year.

I woke up very early to go for this Civil Engineering Family Fun Day.
It is organised by my batch this year.
Everything went smoothly.

It had been raining half day for yesterday.
Luckily today no raining.
Its a HOT day!!!!

Everyone get sun burn.
But we had fun!
Thanks to the organizer.

We have this tradition.
Every 3rd year batch will organised a Family Day.
But according to the lecturer, maybe first year student will be organised it.
For the coming batch.
Because the intakes are lesser.

Here some candid pictures that i managed to snap.

The guys are trying to marak api.

Civil Chef.

Paling manang la kami because we have the sound system.
Other people were just picnic and barbequeing and
we got senam aerobik lagi!
i likey!

Miss Hola la......with the chicken wings.

The seniors with Juniors.


His/ Her name is Pitang.

Junior's birthday.
Habis basah kena buang belon air.
I can tell you, she is really SURPRISED.
with the present from a friend of her some more.

Announcing the answer for the game.

I am so loving this picture.

KK only have 2 beaches - Tg aru & Tg Lipat.

Though i always went to these places,
the feeling was just so different.
With different people,
different friends,
It was so different and i am falling in love with beach.

Seriously, i already miss sandra, faiezah, alicia, joanne, wanlei.
Barbeque is a must since secondary school.
I miss you all.
BBQ lagi nanti ah~

Still have a lot of pics.
But at the cameramen there.

Cant wait to see all the pics.

Happy weekends all!!!!!

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