Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last day sushi.


I dont want to and i am lazy to count down how many days left for the final exam.
Many things inside my head.
Many things need to do.
But i dont know where to start.

Forget about assignments.
Forget about test.
Its endless unless next friday comes.
Where every test will ended.

There comes the exam studying week
which doesnt is a studying week.

Sometimes i feel like want to give up.
Tired with daily life.
Every morning feel like wants the days to be night again.
I hate see the lecturers,
the books,
the sktm.

but then.....

When u hate something, bad things sure will happen.

Enough for this week.
NExt week is coming.
Face everyday with a smile.

All of this going to end soon.

3rd day with michie and shamin @1b.

Lasttttt dayyyyy.....
Its freeeeee......
somebody belanja.....

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