Friday, October 8, 2010

Its my birthday!!!


Officially 21st!

First of all, thanks to everyone that wish
me on facebook, sms, and even wish me face to face.
Lots of thanks for remembering.
Appreciate it very much.

It is actually a normal day for all of us.
There's a lot of work to do.
So it was just a simple celebration.

Thank you!!!!
I Like It All!!!!!
Doggie from Randy. LIKE!
Bag from Shamin, Nisa, Michi, Veron. LIKE!
Polo from greenapple and lulu. LIKE!
toblerone ( soon to get) from sandra. LIKE!
PizaHut@CP- Lunch.

Tsang Q bery bery much..
Believe it or not. still in refrigerator...
choco cake still not eat.

Waterfront @Tosca....dont know- Dinner.

With randy.
With Greenapple.

Jeselton Point@......- second round.

My mum had been busy for days.
Only today she managed to buy the cake.
according to the family tradition few years back,
everyone's birthday cake was bought from Multibake at inanam.
And my bro say just now,
" tiada kek lain ka?"
If you following my previous blog, yeah...
this cake is the same as my dad's birthday cake.


I had really enjoyed my birthday this year.
Biggest wish would be:
Everyone of us manage to finish this semester with great result.
I know its hard to archive it because everyone of us was get tired..
almost give up because of the piles of work.
Its impossible to finish it in 3 weeks time.
Because there are 3 more test coming in 3 weeks time.
3 weeks?
2 weeks!
We still have time to work this out.
Dont stress out.
Good Luck and all the best to all Civilians.

No people will read this. But who cares kan? haha..
Just wrote anything on my mind.

Have a great day everyone!
2010 is going to end soon.
2011 is coming....

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