Monday, November 29, 2010

The bag game

It’s the bag’s game.

Thanks for the tagging from CrazyCyn & Taragang Saru.

"My bag and the inside of it"


Girls love bag.
Its a fact.
So do i.

But I seldom buy bags and mostly my bags were “diwarisi” from my mum
because she can really go crazy for bag. So as a daughter i get the advantage.
*wink wink* Before I start the game, let me intro a bit bit about the “Bag & I”.

I am not a girly-girl during primary and secondary school. I always love the style of beg sikut and sling bag compare with the handbag because I felt its so mature and old and not comfortable.

The very first hand bag I used is the black furly handbag (yes…mama sia punya..) and it’s the first day in matriculation and some say the bag is so pretty and I was….. Betulkahh??????? Then I started to use handbag rather than beg sikut. Yet, Sling bag is still the comfortable of all..

OK….zon loi ( hakka: come back) to the topic. Here's some of the bag that i used.

What do I have in my bag... Generally…

1. Purse.

When we grow older, the purse is linearly “grow” bigger with us. When I was small, I had a small coins purse. I think it was kinda famous in school. LOL. And wondering kids nowadays still use it or not? .Now, I am using average size one and full with receipt. And it’s a gift from someone special *wink wink*.

2. Handphone.

Handphone is a must. Its not a Blackberry torch…Its not an Iphone4…Its only a N73 *sigh* but I am granted for it because it still can accept call ( bukan macam ada 1rang punya…”hello…hello…” mei you tulun sambut talipon. ). It served me since I started my matriculation and its about 4 years until now and I will still used it until rusak and perhaps until I was sponsored a BB Torch etc. *ngek ngek ngek. My N73 still can take pictures though sometimes needed to wait for few seconds to capture pics. XD And most importantly, I can Facebook for free anywhere, anytime!!! So can I miss out my N73 in my bag…? Nooooooooo~~~~~

3. Digital Camera ( I used to…).

Talking about digital camera. It’s a nightmare for me. I first have my own digital camera in Sem 1 and bring it anywhere I go. During this one day, I still remember that DAY. It’s the last day of Sem 2 before the holidays begin and I LOST IT SOMEWHERE IN 1B!!!!!

Tercicir from bag? Dicuri dari bag? Terlupa letak mana2? FARK!!!!!! I remember the last time I use it in 1B’s mcD but I called the manager and check with the surveillance camera. But there’s nothing. X(

And the 2nd camera was bought during the Sem 3. So what happen this time? I put it in the bag and bring it anywhere I go. One fine day, a year after, the lense have problems : 1. Image blur while On. 2. The lense will stuck when ON button is press.. and I bring it again to the shop and ask for service. Itu perempuan ada explain la….then in my analysis :

ni sebab selalu letak dalam bag, itu kamera kena gegaran, lense dia sensitive, tambah lagi kena himpit live load and dead load macam pencil case, botol air etc, lense struktur dia kena compression dan tension for a longer period of time. Lastly, dia mengalami deformation akibat bending moment yang berlaku daripada live load seperti botol air yang bergerak2 dalam beg. Thus, the kamera is rusak…….

Now i get my 3rd one and for sure I learned my lesson. Only use when i want to use. Not going to put inside the bag anymore. Tet!

4. Tisu. Tisu is very important. Not need elaborate more la.

5. Car Key.

6. Pencil case, botol air, calculator.....

7. Cosmetic. I usually use the “stuff” from home. So, I seldom bring any inside my bag except lip balm, handsanitizer but……just sometimes………XP Whatelse…..hurm………My bags got other thingy like gsc movie ticket, restaurant receoipt……kakakaka...sampah sarap. That’s my bag’s story.

So here the tag list.

Holly, Alicia, Sandra, Wan Lei, Caroline ( Incase u read this, carol. :P), Melvin, Anne, Shamin, Kewei, Suer, Ariez...whoever that want to do play this game.

Just for fun ba~

Have a nice day yaw!


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i read this! will do it soon okie! haha tu la keep change url!! mwahah! interesting game darling!

Demetria Escovedo said...

hahahahahaha.......i cant stick to one thing ba..XD

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