Friday, November 26, 2010

Last paper of Sem 5


A date that every coursemate waiting for.
Its the last day of our exam for this semester.

Now the holidays officially started.

For the celebration, the planning should be go for a steamboat or the bebidas spanish food.
due to lack of $$$......
its jam (5pm+...)

We just choose to dine at 1B.
Today, everyone got different food wants to eat.
VeroNisa wants Kfc
Michi wants soup panas
Shamin steamboat

Lastly, VeroNica takeaway Kfc and eat at Piza with us.

Funny incident happens:
Ever watch those kungfu movies use chopstick to catch a flies aka lalat?
I use my "chopstick" to catch a flies in Pizza Hut.
At first this lalat want to swim in Michi's Revive.
But after the lalat swim, it is flying away....
And my hand...
Once catch terus dalam genggaman itu lalat.
I dont know why the lalat so malang.
Some of us panic...
Michi ask me fast2 kasi masuk tu lalat balik dalam minuman
supaya ada bukti to prove to the waiter and change for another drink.
But as soon as i put back the lalat into the swimming pool..
straight away the lalat melarikan diri from the pool...
I want to catch it back again using my hand...

The lalat never shown itself at our area anymore.

and the drink is changed without any extra charge.

Actually i am playing with polaroid effect recently.
Polaroid is so cool.....
Vintage effect also cool.....

The great one for the celebration of the end of Year 3 Sem 1.
Cheese Cheese Cheese!!!!

This one is so candid.
Nisa's mouth so cute....

We met with other coursemates
and continue the day with Kbox session.

They sang crazily.
Its we sang crazily.
Shout till no sound.
Kbox with them was fun!!!
Somebody voice was too nice.........
ada bass punya suara...

Everybody ah~
Rock your body ah~

Lets plan something bigger.

Happy Saturday!!!


taragang_saru said...

uiseh menggodanya pandangan c vero xD

Demetria Escovedo said...

pandangan maut tu...jangan main2....XD

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