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25-27 March 11

Sandakan Trip
25-27 March 2011

An academic trip to Sandakan.

We were taking a bus and the journey took about 8 hours.
For me, i am not really comfortable with the long bus journey not if it is a car.
On bus everything is limited. You need to wait for the next stop if you want to go for toilet.
YA. My main concern is toilet. I have TOILET-phobia after a nightmare that i dont want to talk it here. So, the journey was quite torturing for me. I thought the bus driver going to stop at Kundasang but NO! The bus only will stop at Telupid which make me keep counting minutes to reach telupid. One word. SENGSARA.
I am not going to take a bus for 2 hours above journey.

After check in the hotel room, we all take our rest until dinner time.
The hotspot that we went for dinner is at PASAR SIM SIM.
Sim Sim is just like the pasar filipin in kk.
All kind of bakar-bakar fish can be found here.

According to the foursquare, this is the stall that firstly started by the Hajah.
Gerai Ikan Bakar Sederhana.
After some time, more and more stalls following her and started to sell ikan bakar-bakar.

I am not good in this fish foody so just let my friend choose.
The specialties here is the fish and you cant find any ayam panggang here as i see lah.
I am not a food expert.
But But But.....
My friends they all said that the fish here is not delicious compare to the one in pasar pilipin KK.
Well, different mouth different opinion.

All of this only cost us RM 10 per head.

Another table.

Another table again....

Stop by a shop nearby and went back to hotel

end of the day.

Saturday morning.

Yup. That's us in red with a white safety helmet.

First stop is the batu sapi Bokara.
i am not sure whether the name is correct.
Forgive me sandakan people.

Went there for the road visit.

The enhancement of the roads.

Some of us.
Some of them is inside the bus because could not bare the hotness......
I am sweating man...wearing a sweater to protect my skin from the mr. sun.

Next stop was the Batu sapi park.

This is the tourist hot spot (i guess).
But the big bus cannot go inside so we need to walk inside.

The road was so...........
I think the management should think about this.

The place was so nice but sadly it looks like was abandoned for a long time.
Not to mention during night time, i guess it will look like a haunted place.

And here we are!
They said, the stone was like a sapi shape.
But i view from different angle still cant see it is the sapi or not.
But who long as i am hereeeee.......
P/s: it is a natural stone and not man made.
At first i thought it is a man made stone. How come in the side of the shore got a stone like sapi.
but it is not.

ah~ i like this pic.
The grass of the pathway that we passed by.
Again the management should get rid the grass.
Who knows got snake or.....something else there.


such a beautiful view.

A beautiful seashore view but polluted by a couple make love there.
if u can see it, they were so small in this pic but we can see their movements.
what a sad world.
oh beside the seashore is an abondoned factory. No human being there.
Thats why it became a perfect spot for this couple.

Nicole with the tractor.

Coursemates yang malas jalan kaki.

Next spot is the UMS SPL.

This is UMS new campus in Sandakan.
Mainly is for agriculture school student.
300+ ekar if not mistaken.

All of the structures were built and we only managed to see the finish side of it.
Batch before us visited this place also, and they managed to see the process of construction.

Next to UMS SPL is the Politeknik sandakan.
Another project on going i think....

Right side is the student and the lecturer's hostel.
Everything new man....

The group photos.

Civilians is here!

is free activity.....

Sunday morning.
We all leaving this lovely place.

Tyng Garden's main entrance.

The hotel was just average.
The service not really good as when i ask for some information from the receptionist they just answered me rudely. Can you at least give me a warm "smile"? Their face was just as stiff as the steel truss. I guess they know i am a student which i am younger than then and yeah....thats it.

No more suffering journey by bus.
TG i am back by flight.

Thats the end of this sem trip.
Nice memory with coursemates.

Have a nice day!

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