Monday, March 28, 2011

Event that dont have me. :(

Back from the sandakan trip.
Actually i am a bit disappointed with the management of the trip.
The site visit was only on saturday.
Morning and Evening.
Other days were free activity.
If not i will take a flight back to kk on saturday night.
and i wont miss out the annual family event on sunday.
But no one to blame.
As i know we cant expect anything to happen the way u want it to be.
So do the night flight.
Again, just....forget it...

Here's the pics on courtesy of Kewei.
How i wish i was there with them.

Its Qing Ming Jie.
Dont ask me why it is so early or so late.
Different area got different date.
Before the day come, the older villagers' will have a meeting and choose
a good date for the big day.
so basically, the date is different.
So do the way of doing it.
Some people might Hire people to clean the cemetery but
for my families we just cant let go the tradition of
cleaning the ancestor cemetery by ourself.
Some people also might think its a bad day or have some Pantang larang for this day.
But for us its a happy celebration just like chinese new year.
Because everyone will come back and gather at this place.
Everyone will eager for this day to come and went to that place with a joyous heart.
Same place, same people but every year absolutely with the different feeling.
This year i heard big aunt Nabo koko is coming back.
But sadly didnt have the chance to meet her.
She back to Kl just before i back to kk.

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