Friday, March 4, 2011

Been so Desserts these few days.

4 March 10 - Friday.

Ok. I finally have the mood to blog. Its been few weeks that i did not blog. So busy recently.

This is just third year and not yet final year. Guess its going to be extra tough. This few weeks

had been so stress with the assignments, tutorials, and midterms. There are 2 more midterms

for next week and an assignment which the due date is on TUESDAY. oh no.

I had been tweeting crazily recently and hopefully it does not bother other tweet peeps. sorry

yaw.LOL! Some few recent pics.

Monopoly Card Game @ THis game is super addicted games.
Its like playing monopoly. Got the money, the properties etc but its in the card form.
It required strategyyyyy!!!!!!


We changed from Highway Lab to Hydraulic Labs already.
Its all work with water.


The best part.


We had been checked in ourself in SUTERA BAYU recently.
A frequent checked in. LOL

Its located at Alam Mesra.
The food is nice.
Price is just average.
Tomyam soup is highly recommended.
A hotspot for some of the UMS students.

The black and the white.

SO cool huh.


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