Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fiinish hidro midterm yahoo.

This is going to be an emo post. Please leave it if u dont want to read.

Midterms for this week were done so do the assignments were passed up. However that is not the end of it. Lots of assignments and research works are on the list and waiting to be crossed away. Is it tough? Actually i just realized one thing. The works are not so tough if you are not doing it alone. Teamwork is what i am trying to mention. I know its not a new thing but we always forgot how powerful the teamwork are. Different people have their own way of thoughts. Sitting round the table and one problem with different solutions were so cool. get what i mean? Study group. Today was a last minute study group for the midterm. But the outcome was not that bad. Everyone sitting together, giving out own opinions and we learned new things. And i guess it stays in the memory more longer isnt it?

These few days had been so tough. I had been complaining day and night. In uni in home. In facebook in twitter. In my own thoughts, the work is not that bad if time management is well handled. Of course for me i am not very good in my time management. Throughout the works in uni i get to mixed with other coursemate and what makes me realized one thing is that, its always time management and not the subject tough or not. Everyone is learning just that how the way we are learning it. Recently i had produced bad works quality due to time constraint. So do the midterms. Everything was last minutes. YUP! Keyword: LAST MINUTE.
So hopefully after the lesson, i turn to a new leaf lah... :)

World is round. You should not expect people to act the way you like. Everything has its good or bad. Even siblings can quarrel among themselves, whats more somebody who has no any blood relation with you? I am glad that i have someone who accept me the way i am. See thing from a different dimension and you will realized something new. You might be think that you had done a great thing but just view it in different dimension, other people just might think it as nothing. So stop standing at where you are, take a step to the front or left or right or backward and you might find something more than you can aspect of.

I am just a normal human being who is afraid to face failure. I complaint about myself and its just myself and i dont go condemned people. But to be honest, sometimes i do condemned those who bring problems to me. HAHA.

I am not expecting people to read this. So if u saw me anywhere on this earth. Dont ask me anything that i wrote in this blog. HAHA. just some rambling to move on in life.
I am hungry. Emo post until here. Have a nice day.

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