Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A raining thursday.

16 June 2011......

KK heavy rain.

The moment i reached Holly's house it was not yet raining. I love this weather very much. At first thought of wanna parking at Karamunsing but then lazy as I already park nicely in her house. Nevermind la.... Just walk there.

There are some kind drivers in KK as they saw we are quite rush because its going to rain soon. They stopped and let us passed the road. Wohoooo~ And we managed to get to office before it start raining.

HOWEVER...there is this stupid female driver. From her look I know she is older than me and her car's no sticker P, we are trying to cross this one road. We look at her ( her car, her inside the car), No Signal to the Right. So we assume she go straight and we just cross the road. Who knew she just turn to the right. We stopped and backward quickly... WT Tutttttt.....I know she's looking at my facial expression. Who care. You know there are pedestrians in front of you. You should at least give a signal. Is that also you lazy want to do? Or you just wanna show that "I am the driver, you should follow me". Excuse me. I know its going to rain soon and you also rush to go to your destination. But please be tolerance and feel easy to turn on the signal.

Just a small matter. Raining made my mood better.

Today i cancelled my plan for doing the one GREAT THING that i never do in my 21 life...cancelled~ because I dont have the guts man..... :( wait some other time. :)

So whats up for lunch? haha....waiting for lunch now....

Guess my supervisor not yet back also today.


oh is an old friend birthday. Happy birthday Elaine!!!!  :)

Have a nice Thursday everyone!

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