Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A warm shelter.

12 June 2011 Sunday. Ulu Kimanis.

 Early Fathers' Day wish to all the fathers in the world.
We celebrated this joyous day earlier.
The cake was small but a little bite of it was satisfied for me as quantity is not the matter.
Yam ice cream cake. sedappppp~~

 Not every family members came back due to time constraint.
Here are some of the aunties uncles with Grandpa & Grandpa's bro.

 The Cucu & Cicit 1.
 The Cucu & Cicit 2.

 Father Daughters.

 Blast song~

 Exotic Kampong Food. 
There is pucuk ubi, tuhau etc.
Each of the family contributes one or two plates dishes.
& of course there is tapai tooo......

 Min Chen with mom Bea.
Stephanie Wulan the smallest cousin.

 Two SPM candidates 2011. :)


A simple and warm shelter.
Gathering with lots of food.
I am not asking more than this.
Grateful indeed.

Have a nice day everyone. 

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ღ Mitchell ღ said...

Yaaawnnnn!! I love the yam i-c cake! looks delicious to me.. I love cakes! and the stanley wine -> paling manang la.. hehe

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