Thursday, June 2, 2011

Week 3

2 June 2011    

Today reported duty as usual. The computer on our desk have problem that the antivirus wont run and we were like downloading more that 5 antivirus softwares and all of it cant run well. Frankly, we thought it was the software problem who knows after using the fast line download so many software we just realized its the computer main problem and I were sweating that the computer cant be restart. The server thingy also gone. And I sweat dao~ Luckily everything back to track again just the antivirus thingy hate it so much.

Today is the busiest day ever i intern in this firm.We work non stop and once we sat down and online awhile, another work coming to us. Its a good thing though and we work until 6.05pm? haha.....and of course as a new learner we do make mistakes. :) Today was tired. And the weather was nice though we are inside the firm but the weather outside was so siok.... :)

Tomorrow is friday. After friday is saturday....weeeehuuuu.....

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