Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kaamatan 2011

30 May 2011 Happy Kaamatan

Kaamatan = holidays.
Holiday = family gathering.
Family gathering = happy.

So, Kaamatan = happy.

Catch up with many latest news of family members.
Congratulation to my three cousins that will have new born babies soon.

Rm4 coconut you can found in town but here free and nobody want to go and get it.
Hot weather = Coconut.

Thats my cousin wendy.
It might seems easy but seriously its hard.

What else activity we'll do when in kampong?
Well, thats a term that every kids will like in a kampong.

Teach some aunty and cousins in the kampong play rami.

This year Kaamatan is just a normal celebration.
With some gambling and karaoking.
We had some paranormal activity going around the houses there.
Because they are some pregnant cousins, some of them claiming that they heard a B^2
( B@l@n-B@l@n)'s sound at the back of the house.
And those kids go to scare the B^2 away by burn the firecrackers and
uncle aunty them go prepare some traditional method for keeping away the B^2 by preparing the bawang thingy.
Another paranormal activity was the youngster claims they saw a shadow passing in a fast motion at grandpa's 1st floor house. And then someone is knocking on the window.. etc...
And they do some paranormal video recording.


Nothing found.

Lastly, Happy Kaamatan everyone.

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