Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Celebration of Last paper Year 3

Right after finished the Geotech's paper - Last paper of year 3,
we waved good bye to the DKP and fast fast decide where to dine.
And there we are - Beijing Steambot at Kg Nelayan.
Per head Rm35 including all the service charges.
Poor pictures quality from the handphone.
The TomYam soup not really nice.

I dont eat crab and beef due to religious matter...
i think its such a waste for me to go for steambot. :(
but i am happppeyyyyyy.........
so I only take fishballs, marinate chicken, WUNTUN etc....
WUNTUn is a must!!! Favorite.
I dont know why.
Regarding to food, i think because of family habits.
i felt guilty when i eat sotong, crab etc...
but i can eat la.....dont miss understood.
I have a wish - I wish to be a vegetarian. But it is damn hard. I cant resist meat.
But still hoping i can.
Back to pictures.

Due to some unknown and unavoidable reasons, this time steambot dining is like a war.
Kami macam di medan perang ni taw......
All the oils keep blasting to our face.
And you can imagine a scene where all of us, keep "ah!" "ouw!" "aduh!"
Nice experience though.

My stomach want to explode after the steambot. Painful.
I wont eat until that full anymore.
No More.

Next destination.
We went to Atmosphere to yumcha.
Looking for some source of lights.

Here we are......

Long island beach tea, Honey dew juice, Apple spice mocktail, Virgin Mohito mocktail.
I dont know the name correct or not. I just hantam saja....but approximately like that la.


Different background...oh yeah...
the revolving only starts at 8.30pm.
weekdays or weekends? i have no idea.
as long as has customers i guess.

End of day.

Enjoyable and memorable day although all of us so tired and full.


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syameen said...

the perang2 thingy so FUNNY!! hahahaha....I Like the post so much.!!

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