Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finished Analysis.

04.05.11 Wednesday

This week i had two papers : Hydrology on Tuesday & Structural Analysis on Wednesday. I had tried my best. It seems easy (some) IF YOU GOT ENOUGH PREPARATION. haiya. Just had nothing to comment about it. skip. So one more paper left to struggle and it is on next week.

Today dine at Manhattan Fish Market after the paper and ordered the student promotion's Fish & Chips at RM10 nett. The portion i think is not too much but after stepped out from that restaurant suddenly felt very full. I mean even i walked i can feel my stomach very "keras". :o

Actually not much to blog about. I just checked on my phone for what photos i have and post it up.
While doing revision, bro came up with his art.
I don't know whats the name of the character.

.....and....not yet glued.

Here's the pet. We love you.

She slept everywhere. Even on the plastics.

Just that. Have a nice day everyone.


Anonymous said...

1 more paper?? so fast?? haha.. jia you!!! :)

Demetria Escovedo said...

yeahhh.....thank you ally.....

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