Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dance For Charity

21.05.11 Saturday

Line Dance Jamming Party
Theme : Dance For Charity.

I was invited to go for a charity dinner by Aunt Marina at May Flower Restaurant.
This Dance For Charity Dinner was organized by the Kinabalu Pink Ribbon
and it was the first time ever that the emcee said they hope for more events like this.
RM 40 per head for a buffet style dinner included a free goodies bag.

Two line dance groups : Kinabalu Pink Ribbon dance group and Nancy Line dance group
take turn to dance from 6.30pm until 10.30pm with various types of line dance including
Berta, Bachata etc.

Wow, seriously i learnt all these dance terms for the first time by reading the tentative.
Before this, i only know about the random dance term like cha cha, tango, waltz etc.

This Charity Dinner was supported by two of our sabahan honors Datin.
They really have the passion to dance.
In my view, they might not be a good professional dancer but their passion, love to dance and support this charity wins over all the things.
People came and eat. It was just 9pm that there is already some people leaving the restaurant.
Obviously their intention is only come to eat. :)
But one of the Datin and her fellow friends were there until the event reached it ends.
It was aroung 10+. Wow. *claps*

The special performance by the Datins.

The dance was non stop.
There was a part where it was Social Dance Session.
Poco-poco, Joget, Sumazau....
Everyone is invited but sadly i can't sumazau and poco-poco and CHICKEN DANCE.
because my foot still in the blistering period.
Not yet recover bah....

So you think you can dance? No.I can't dance. :)
So what i can do only sat down and watched them dance.
Happy smile from them.
Love to see their passion to dance.
Even some of them was 50 years old above.

Mom & Aunt.
Mom, Aunt's friends, Aunt.

The Event ended around 10.40pm.
It was a good experience being around with all the dancers and watched them dance.
If i had opportunity, i would like to learn one also.
The basic Nobody Tango....forgot alreadyyyyy~~~~~~

Have a nice weekends everyone.

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