Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2

18.05.11 Wednesday

Tuesday no working because its Wesak day. Kind of pity my other friends that they need to work on a Wesak day. :( This post is due a day because i am too tired to blog. Oh yeah, everyone ask how i went to practical and i told them i go by bus. And they was.... WHAT?????? real or not???? are you crazy??? you got car you no use instead and go walking and take a bus??? crazie.why???? and my silly answer was, I want cut off fats by walking, i want save parking fees, i want save fuel for the environment, i want....bla bla bla.....Actually, i felt that i am given what i needed - a car. I need a phone - Samsung Galaxy. I am really in my comfort zone. I must do something so that i wont become Fui Chai....

1st day go by bus, damn scary. 2nd day, beh foot got blister because of the new office formal shoes and i really so bad mood internally. Thankful to Rc for offering to fetch me back home. I usually not depend on other people but today is an exception because my foot so painful ah... Well, some of you know my style. :)

So the works today is - check the rest of the tender books, the missing pages, readings all the contract, the conditions because supervisor will ask at the end of the day. But since supervisor is busy he didnt ask la.... :) and we help the drafter to check on the drawing updates. Two people praise us that day... WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feeling so proud at least we are not "useless" in that company.
1. We convert here and there the scale thingy. The uncle said, " OK, boleh pass jadi engineer"
We almost got wings and fly to sky...kakaka.......
2. We are very efficient. Another uncle said, " uiseh, memang engineer ba ni...baru ajar 1 kali, terus dapat catch up." HAHAHAHA
Cant do nothing but just be humble lah.... heeeee....

Because came early again, went to Old Town for second breafast. :)
*0* Xi mut Milk Tea....

After work, its raining outside.
With the grilled chicken @ Upperstar Damai.
SuperDupper hungryyyy that time.........and tired.

Thats for day 2..... :)

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