Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak 2011

Happy Wesak Day
Santavana Forest Hermitage.

Yes yes yes we are going there early in the morning.
Pictures pictures pictures :
I love all these pics.

Dogs that once a homeless dogs found their new home here.
You can found pretty much dogs here erm more than five.
I believe these dogs are vege dogs.
Because i guess there is no existence of meat in this hermitage. :)
so the dogs eat vege. :)

Thats the sifu there.
According to her, there is one dog injured there being hit by a car
and she is trying to treat the dog by giving it medi.

Another doggie, they just watching people walk here and there.
No barking. They dont bark. Guess they already familiar with the conditions of meeting new people. :)
It was still early when we reached there.
Not much human being....hahaha.....
See this doggie, so friendly. This doggie keep following the kid.
And, he/she is eating the baja ikan in the kolam. :)

This picture reminds me of my kindergarden class.
and maybe for other people it was just a normal bean thingy.
Kids love this dont they?
Okay, thats uncle from the left, dad, and aunt.
We got one special guest lagi.....
Miss Kewei.

The beautiful scene seen from the balcony.

The dining hall.

We dont know what plant is that but guess its a pandan plant.
A corner of the room decorated with buddhism books and statue.
Another corner of the room.
These people were having their tea there.
Not the simple teh boh session.
The uncle was very kindly showing his skill of "cook" the tea.
I dont know the term in english. paiseh la... :)
My uncle said, "wow, my eyes open terus after drink the tea.." :)

A bunch of kid.
He is trying to explain what is that statue about.
HAha...i was just looking at them. So cute.

The drinking tea session.
Only look from outside.
A plant that mostly we have at home.

because we reached early,
thats why we had to wait until 9am.......

Tuo Puo.
I dont know what it is called in english or malay.
But i guess alms giving or sedekah.
yeap. we brought our thing and queue up there.
This year is very long......
many people comes this year....
Its a good improvement too....
I wonder is it because the management did a good job by doing a good advertisement?
or people scare of 2012? haha...chill............just a thought.
But its a good thing everyone comes.
Good Karma.

waiting..waiting...and waiting....
A girl opposite of us loss patience and throw out words,
" now i know why daddy dont want come here again...."
First thought would be, You dont want to come. Dont come la... Nobody force you.
But now think back, she is just a young teenager. Nothing to blame then.

While waiting, we take a few minutes went to the small huts nearby....
I blogged about this before..

Dad's friend, uncle Han Xiang was leading the sifus.

Here they come....near....
You can give anything you want but make sure the sifus can use in the daily life.
note books, tissues etc...
Cute kiddie gave a toothbrush.

Finished with tuo puo...

The next event is the bath buddha's ceremony but before that is the blessing session.

Too many people.

Quiet efficient because there are four little prince siddharta gautama.

Kewei bathing the prince siddharta.

Aunt's turn.

Finish with it.
We moved to the other hall....
Tea break.

Nah....this doggie is the famous doggie here.
A golden retriever from america.
Naik flight datang sini woh....
very friendly dog....

Volunteer workers work hard today.
Great job. Very appreciate their hard work.
I overheard, one uncle said..."we made it with our heart..."
owwww.....that was so touch...
We get it uncle....
Thank you to all the volunteer workers for making it works for the day.

Some people might feel :
OH~ free food... makan banyak2..... makan ini...makan itu......ini tidak sedap...bla bla bla....
actually that is really a Wrong attitude.
We always know how to talk.
But hard to implemented.
I am also learning to think like that.
The more we give other people, with a reluctant heart, the more we will get in return.
A story told by sifu today in the ceremony :
A man that give free water or food ( i forgot) to everyone everyday, he will have rice to eat everyday in his next lifes.
I am half asleep that time. Forgot but agak-agak like that la the story....
so......feel free to share ur things with other people....accordingly...to conditions. LOL
That was rojak buah.
I dont know why...i feel very nice the rojak buah.... thumbs up..... :)

Love this picture infinity timeeessss....hahaha.....
The pond where the doggie eat baja ikan just now...

Owh yeah..reached early and back early.
We skipped vege lunch.
And went back early to escape massive jam.

Thats my Wesak 2011..
Wanna read Wesak 2010?

Happy working tomorrow......

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