Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pesta Jagung.


Its a sunny sunday.
We had this one day family trip to Kota Marudu.
We invited my aunt Marina & her family to join.

Since they had went to Kudat few months ago.
We only had our trip until KM.

Breakfast at The Kedai Kopi Laksa dan Makanan. in Inanam.

Seriously, i didnt realised its existence until today.
The laksa there is not bad & click on the link above to find out more.

Proceed with the journey.

We reached KM around 11+am.
Its almost noon and so freaking hotttt!!!!!!!

There's a Pesta Jagung there at the stadium area.
I didnt saw any jagung there.
I thought it will be like many jagung's stall etc.
Its just a normal fun fair.

Maybe its raining the day before.
The jalan semua berlumpur.....

The agricultural competition.

The pumpkins are so cool.

Basarrrr la...

The old town of KM.

After lunch at KM.
Is it lunch? I dont think so.
The hot weather made us lost our appetites greatly~
We only took some cold drinks & buns.

After some jalan-jalan...
we decided to go back.
Very-the-early-right? haha..

We stop by the stalls on the road side.
It is very obvious when u are from KK- KM or Kudat,
u definitely can saw these stalls.

We stop by here. And buy that....
since we didnt buy anything at the Pesta Jagung.

The women are buying many food as a revenge~
Trip without ole-ole is a big no no......

The food is tied up.
Make visitors easy to choose what they want to buy.

You can find various of junk food here.
For me the price is just average. ( for me la.... :) )

The famous food u must try here is the Kacang.
According to my mum, the kacang here is tanam traditionally by the penduduk there.
It tastes much more better than the one u can find in the supermarket/ hypermarket etc.

My dear brother & cousin.

Besides that, there are some bunga-bunga sells there too.
and the....
tanah hitam..

After that, we proceed and
stop at another stalls by the road side.

The fruits & vegetables are all very fresh.
Believe it or not..
my mum buy the banana for RM1 seikat.

The jagung is the main attraction. ( i guess la... :) )
I heard people said, there are two types of jagung sells here.
Jagung bakar & jagung pulut.
But i forgot to buy it and try.
I was too busy talking to my cousy and keep snap pictures of family members.


She was busy too.
The women.
The men.
The dudes.
The stalls.
The cars.

We went home.

Loving the greenery so much.

Oh holidays, please dont go so quick.

Whats next? Its a cousin's wedding on next saturday.


Have a great day all!!!


Anonymous said...

Heya Demetria! =D panas kan KM? tapi brlumpur...and yes it's rain heavily before the event that's why brlumpur. hehe

Demetria Escovedo said...

Very panas ooo~ ngam2 noon wonder la....but only some part...still ok tu...XD

Admin said...

rindu kota marudu :(

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