Sunday, December 19, 2010

The short course, the tron....

I spent my holidays at home these few days and forgot the dates already.
Check on the calendar and its 19/12/10. sunday.

Attended the course introduce by our lecturer.
It was absolutely a new experience mixed up with the working & experienced engineer.
Though the content is good but my mind is more to the food. :)
Keep waiting for tea break, lunch and hi-tea.


The location is 1b.
San Grashella was booked earlier so she was not joining us.
Sasa T i guess is going to church.
So there was only 3 of us.

It is a last outing because Ally is going back to KL on the next day.
What we suppose to have : eats sushi, watch movie together and singing.
But we only happened to eat sushi together.
movie, someone is entering the wrong hall. :P
and the kbox is full.

oh~ as the pencuci gigi-fifa tm,
we went to try the lukluk at Nyonya House.
I like the sweet sauce.

As for 19/12/10 .sunday.

It was tiring.
bring my mom to KK's jalan2.
I hate the jams.
but during 10am+ when we reached kk, no jam....line clear.

My assumption would be:
Xmas is just around the corner, most of the Christian went to church during that hour.


After that, drop by the likas Giant buy some drinks and a newspaper. :)
Its time to do some reading and catch up with the latest news.
I know there is online news.
but for me, a real newspaper is more "Umpph" to read. LOL.
Who said only "old people" read news.

After back home, i followed my dad went to my aunt's house.
He changed all the bulb's to the more energy saved bulb.
Yeah..its 80% energy saved compare the older version of bulb.
While for me, i had promised to paint the wall.

Today just the window part, tomoro is going to paint the wall.
I like painting though its tiring.
There is no creativity needed in this.
Take the brush.
And just paint.
No need brain to think.

So weekends end like that.
2 more weeks to uni reopen.

Have a good day everyone.


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