Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Christmas 2010


Red Christmas.

It was a simple yet memorable day.

Lets just make it quick.


Food contributes by each family.

Prayer lead by sis Lovinia for the food and christmas.

Tapai competition.
This is NO.1 tapai for this year.

Though its a Christmas, Sumazau is a must.
It cant be miss in any event.
But this one is for game purpose.
And the winner is...
the tallest one.

Another tapai...

Kids with the game Kelapa Bowling.

Its a hot day.
Only kids can stand this weather.

This is a must.
People here gamble to pass their time.
From the youngest to the oldest know how to play katam2.

Sumandak taragang.

Family pic.

Mom, Sis, Aunt.

Uncle Iding's family.

Lili's family.

Sis Winnie's family.

Uncle Marius's family

Uncle Pini's family

Lurim's family

Palinggg cool punya tasu.

Gamble is continued until the night.
Youngster sat on the road and chatting.

Gift exchange for the kids and not-kids.

Small cousin waiting for the game.
bigger cousin hempas pulas think games for them.
While the the youngster having their games,
the adults also have their own entertaiment.
buang soi la tu.....
siap ada wish list lagi kena kasi ikut....

Anyone who live around Ulu Kimanis,
please dont scare.
Its not U.F.O in the sky.
but its lantern from the Labi's family.
Hope it not crash any plane.

Everyone staring at the lantern.

getting smaller and smaller.

I am going to wish everyone Happy New Year 2011.

Set ur resolutions already?

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Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Wow...lain drp lain, ada lantern!!! Siok!

Yang penting happy, siok bah berkrismas di kampung...aramaii tii!!

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