Saturday, January 1, 2011

K Trip | 28 Dec 10

K trip.
Why does it called K trip?
Because the places we plan to visit starts with the alphabet K.
Kundasang, Kudat....
Its a trip with some old classmates :
Me, Randy, Jinyin, Roanne, Lulu, Nat, Ed, Chan, Vig, & Salina.

The journey starts from Tamparuli.
We bring Salina to try out the famous Mee Goreng there.
Its really delicious.
well, the one beside the BSN that.

The weather was so gloomy.

Sunny awhile but then gloomy again...

We stayed one night in a private chalet at Kinasaraban. ( its a K too...)
After check in...
we went to Mesilau to see the Lembu Hitam Putih....

See the milk being process?

Some cows are so skinny.
Wonder what happen to some of the cows.
Skinny until saw the bone...

Click for larger.
Price of the desa milk.

The tractor.

Goodbye Mesilau.

Finally we saw Mount Kinabalu after the thick kabus~~

Prepare for the BBQ.

This place is really good.

Its nice to look at the sky.
Many stars and its the 1st time in my life i saw 3....
its a 3 shooting stars....

That was so pretty......

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