Thursday, January 13, 2011

The week 2

14/01/11 - Friday

Its 10 days ago from my last post.

So Whats Happening Lately?

1. Its just the Week 2 of new semester and i had been complaining about everything, everyday about the works ( both uni and home). I bet this semester is going to be **** but lets just throw those negative thoughts away and talks something *HAPPY* and * Motivated*.

2. Some of my friends started their LI ( latihan perindustrian) already. Just wanna wish them Best of Lucks.

3. Chinese New Years is coming. A friend of mine is coming back from Australia to visit us in KK.
Cant wait to meet her. Her name is JOMAX lol. She is die hard fans of SuJu. Dont mess with her DongHae. She bites u.

4. I finally get rid of my N73. BAI-BAI N73. I had been using it for few years. Been considering of buying a new phone. After lots of thinking (kononya) and lots of searching ( kononya juga...) and after some few touch on the HTC Desire HD, I fall in love with HTC. Lastly, finally, akhirnya.......I decided to buy HTC Wildfire. I dont care much about the specifications, resolutions....bla bla bla.. I only want a wifi-connected phone so that i can fb-ing, touch screen, camera function for the blog, & CHEAP.....thats all! stop.

5. Finally finish paint the house. I learnt the technique of painting (kononya again...) who say its easy? At first i though it is very easy. cat saja ma~ wrong technique will lead to ber-belang- belang punya wall. Practise made perfect!

6. Movie? The last movie i watched was the Gulliver's Travel. Not my type definately. I feel the story line so boring and lame. hurm...Next movie on list : Paranormal Activity 2..........

Its Friday.
Happy Friday everyone!!!!
Dont waste ur time on useless things. Go do something usefull. Live everyday to the fullest!!!

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