Sunday, January 23, 2011


23/01/11 - Sunday

Its Sunday and i woke up quite early today. Having superb delicious laksa at Inanam with dad & bro & feel very HAPPY. Perut kenyang, semua hal pun go smoothly. LOL. & after that, we went to ThaiSeng at Inanam to buy LuKan (limau).
Not only the chinese. Malays & Kadazans also queuing to buy the LuKan. We bought one box for testing because there is no testing for the LuKan. & there are 3 bijik rusak suda....cannot refund lagi. adeh.

List of price. Just in case you wanna buy. HAha.
Lukan or Lukam?
I guess the difference is....
Lukan in mandarin.
Lukam in...Hakka? or cantonese?

And after the testing.. my parents bought 20 boxes.
Not that we want to eat it all. Just for the business purposes. Gift to all the customers.

Pink angpow. Seriously this year is PINK rabbit's year.

Recently my house come two pets. The neighbour's pet.

A tasu~ Blur face.

A tungau.

End of Sunday.

Happy Monday!
4 days to go before holidays started.... :)


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

tasu n tungau! haha! eh this year thai seng there selling those lukan not so nice one. :/

Demetria Escovedo said... 2 types ba there : manis and masam... but..dont know la...i dont know how to see nice lukan... :)

Zueriya said...

minta lukan juga nicole. huhu. btw, happy chinese new year. sa cari shoutbox ko, xdpat. =p

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