Saturday, January 1, 2011

K trip | 30 Dec 10

The next day.
We had our breakfast in a Golf Club's restaurant in front of the Marina Resort.
The juice was so cheap and taste good.
We were told that it was famous for the Mee Basah.
For was just average.

After that, we heading to the next destination.
Simpang Mengayau
The tips of Borneo.

This is the 3rd time i went there.
1st time with uni trip in August 2009.
2nd time with family in Feb 2010.
and 3rd time with friends in Dec 2010.

If u ask do i want to go again?

The answer would be...


Tiring journey.
100+km from KK-Kudat.
I rather sleep at home.

But the scenery was really UNDESCRIBABLE.
breathtaking and better ignore the hotness.

But i am really looking forward the future.
there are some tourist spots develop along the road to the tip.
Chalets are under construction.
watching sunset here is the best reason i can make and
step my feet on this place again..

We met another bunch of friends there.
Its the primary school friends.

View from the restaurant.


We going back KK.

Mount Kinabalu view from the Kota Belud.

The End-

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