Saturday, January 1, 2011

K Trip | 29 Dec 10

We went to Hot Spring.
Went to the waterfall for free small fish "bite"?
Not sure how it call...

The scenery was really undescribable.
Just like Kiansom waterfall but here is more safe, not too slopy and more bigger.

Some of us enjoying the fish "bite".

Can u see that?

Pathway from the public hot spring to the waterfall.

And we went to try the Canopy walk.
This is my very 1st time going inside.
It was so cool.
I mean the "hanging bridge".
I dont dare to look below my feet because it is really high.

Inside the canopy walk.
If u plan to snap pictures inside the canopy walk, extra charges of RM5 needed to be pay.

Giant tree.

Really a Giant Tree....

After that...
we leaved Kundasang -Ranau.
And heading From Kundasang- Kota Belud Road to Kudat.


Drive slowly in highlight coz cant see the road.

Its 100+km n we reach another check point (kununya....) around 7pm.

Watch Suzuki Cup.
KFC as dinner.
And we called it a day.

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