Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Day

19/01/11 - Wednesday

Today finished class early. Went to do some stuff in uni and off to 1b to meet up JinYin & Ed.

Watched the Great Day and its a greatttt movie production from Astro and the continuation of the WOoHoo last year. The story is not related but as usual you can see many msia's artist inside the movie with the funny characters. It really reflects the msia's chinese lifestyle. Yet i didnt see 1 Malaysia spirit in it. Only like 2 races...well...just an opinion and no offence. What will you do if one day the one you love have cancer or other illness? hurm...touch wood! A grand daughter's love for her grandpa that made her went to Perlis from KL all by herself and get lost in Alor Setar and luckily the policemen saves her and sent her to perlis. LOL. Many other lessons that we can learned from this movie. Worth Watch! though the ending not so good for me.

When you are tired and want to reach home faster after school, many things could happen between the period. Today i almost bumped into car accident. Not one but two. When you are driving fast, the chances for you to get into an accident is higher. However, when you drive slow, the is possibility for accident to happens too. Today i took shortcut went home. Totally forgot the blind spot. Again... BLIND SPOT! luckily the truck instantly stop. Everybody ( inside the cars) were watching...well..the cars at the back, the front, the left, the right...Yes. I know it was my mistake. Nothing happens and AMITOFO~ The next incident happens is when i drive slow and the other car drive fast and cut line to my side...i just scare he suddenly cut into my line and i brake and if there is another car at the back maybe that car will kiss my car.But again...Thanks to God that nothing happens. Anything can happens just in that few seconds. I thanks God again for today that i reach home safely. Drive fast or drive slow. U cant escape the accident. The alternative for me is pray a lot to God to get blessed from Him. LOL ( bukan mao berdakwah ni...cuma kata hati yang ikhlas.....sharing sharing saja....)

Hopefully today everyone live as good as it should be.
I will make sure i come home safely everyday.

Have a good day.

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