Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reunion | 1Jan11

Since it was a public holiday and
some of us will be going back to own place for the new semester,
we hang out from evening until night.
Some come to join us during the yumcha session.

We watched The Ex: Haunted Lover.
Its a thai no.1 box office horror hit.
But for me...
its so lame...
And not worth watch.

After dinner at Yu Kee Gaya Street. ( no pics available....haha)
We went to Yoyo Lintas waiting for other to come...

Nobody said it was a reunion.
And we never thought there will be so many ppl show up.
Because like before...
we call up many ppl and only some come..
but today....
and i forgot to ask some frens...because no hp no. only facebook contact.
0.facebook was under maintainence so cant contact some of them...
if not...that place is going to be very crowded ....

See you guys again in Chinese New Year.
A month to go..

New semester.
New resolutions.

Good luck everyone.

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AQuezyeZye said...

enjoy nya...sweet memories tu..hhuhuhuhu

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