Saturday, January 22, 2011

CIdb Satday.


Today we had the CIDB green card's talk. I felt very sleepy during the talk and its not because of lack of sleep. Its the opposite. I overslept for 10 hours. =( Finished the talk and went to Lab. Its weird to go Lab on Saturday but I must get used to it. Haha. A step to 4th year ba. Tougher things keep coming and I must be able to handle it. ( self motivation...kakaka)

This week i had went to 1B for few times. Mostly is for lunch. What happen to the new year resolution? Tak mau pergi 1B dan pergi makan di library & terus study di library kunun..argGH!!!! Friends & I went there to shop "something" and they bought "manything" that they like..wuargh~ jealous wehhhhh~ I want to buy stuff also but sadly nothing ngam my taste. Just found one shirt that still consider cheap for CNY. haha. =)

Its the Rabbit 2011 year at 1B. so pinkish this year. =)

A random pics from the phone.

Lastly, going to spend the saturday night at home online until sleepy. =)

Happy Saturday!

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