Saturday, January 1, 2011

Countdown 2011

I hope it is still not too late to wish everyone

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!!!

How was your countdown?
Very paiseh to said....
this is my 1st time countdown new year with friends.
Years before,
I just countdown new year by online at home
and wish everyone through chat and sms.
Most of the year is with family and this year its with friends!!!!!

Bought a tanduk for RM5.
But mintak diskaun.
become RM4.

Location : Tg Aru.
There's a beach countdown there by Hotlink.
Got performances from local artist...

Fireworks from the Shang Gri La TG aru...
(I guess...coz if from Promenade is was too far....)
I am not sure...

Happy new year~~~~~~~

Group Pictures.


A new year.. A new beginning......

May all of you live in happiness and success in everything.

Less but not least...
Happy birthday to alicia.
Happy 21!!!!!!!

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