Friday, December 3, 2010

The Red Box


Yesterday, i became driver for my dear mom and we went to Cp for some light shopping.
It was about 2pm and we decided to called it a day.

We stuck on the roads.
Its jam everywhere.
Especially the Gaya Street Fook Yuen area.

Now a question cross my mind.
Who's to blame?

After i reach home, a senior post a status about the jam in KK.
He said, he was from Sembulan and heading KK and very jam.

Seems like everyone get annoyed with the jam.

sudalah fuel naik harga..
stuck dalam jam....
berapa $ suda terbakar?


Who's to blame?

Today my mom wants me become her driver and NO....
Not on the weekends....
I dont want to go KK. :(

Spending these few days by reading this. :)

Snapping photos of my dearest tung-ngit.

And i found another treasure in my mom's room.


Is it call a Box or a ....what?
Still very solid and in good conditions.
This HandBox is from my late grandaunt, passed to my mom and
after begging my mom and now it was passed down to me....
so oldies....i likey!!!

and inside the red handbox..
i found this.

Guess what?

Its another treasure.
From my late-grandmom.
A kerongsang~
Double likey~~~

Tomoro going to Kota Marudu....

Have a nice day everyone!!!!
Happy weekends!!!! :)


AnnieMing said...

Your Tung-ngit is so cute with its tongue popping out! Hehe..

Demetria Escovedo said...

kucing kesayangan tu....kekeke.....^^

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