Sunday, December 12, 2010

Si Buyuk Kahwin.

10-12 Dec 10
.Fri Sat Sun.

Finally the day had come.
Its the wedding of my cousin - Harry.
He & his wife were both younger than me.

Its not those glamorous wedding but just some simple kampong style wedding.

Done some preparation on the 10th.
11th we moved from Ulu Kimanis- Keningau- Kg Ansip.

Stop by the roadside at Crocker Range.
The weather was cold and windy!
Love it.
Sampai begagar~

Very windy and hard to capture a good picture.
I mean with ur hair look nice on it.
can u see my background?
Its just so cool like in kundasang.

My dear brother who is one of the pengapit.

My dear cousin.

While waiting for the auspicious time, we wait at the road side near the ostrich farm there.
My Aunt with her husband.

cool...macam pakai contact lens saja...

And finally we reach there.

Some of us with the purple theme.
3 generations here.
40-an, 20-an, 10-an.

Nah. Inspiration from Neko Chan ni....
4 hours needed to done this.

Its a kadazan dusun traditional way by giving cigarette to the guest.
and in return they give them $~~~~~

Actually my cousin's wife is a Murut.
So the wedding ceremony is a bit different.
I just dono how to express it to word.
skip la..

Smallest cousin Wulan aka Stephanie.

Rock yaw~
Like the locations of the house very much.
atas bukit tu~

My another cousin..
Opss the tallest in the family.....

Lupa crop the tasu.
The river got buaya....
and there is a hanging bridge there...
so cool...
Like the suasana kampong very much.
compare to the busy town full with air, sound pollution....

Have a nice day all.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoaaa all purple! lol! eh 1st time noe bout gv cigar ler. gosh staying nearby the river? n got crocs summore?? @.@ tak bahaya eh?

Demetria Escovedo said...

i think is depends on places...if papar i think mostly is give cigar....some give candy....bahaya cant swim in the river....XP

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