Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Cut with yi shi yi shi.

11 July 10

Once i wake up, the first thing that i do was quickly went to the toilet to check for my hair.

Yesterday i followed Zandra to saloon and she change a new look while me just cut it shorter than before and got few tails at my back..

actually i got the wrong term from the tukang gunting. She ask me want "yi shi yi shi" or not? and i tot is make it layer by layer so i said "yes".

Who knows come out another one but nevermine i accept it...

Nana Ryde want me to upload the pics, so here it is.
I am so excited when i got home yesterday because i think it so coooool!!!!!!!!!!! :))

But then my brother said i'm so sampahlau..... hurm... whatever la....

Today went KK jalan-jalan only
and went Inanam buy sayur......

Tomorrow start new semester.
Holidays bye bye
New semester hi hi...

This semester big rule :

P/s: i love the emoticons so much, click on EMOTE to get this...

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