Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Despicable me


Today a really tired day. First of all, i had been headache this few days to do the TS's tutorial. The lecturer was giving many questions and many people was suffering and in the end everyone was copying answers at the back. I do those that i know but sadly when come to discussion, the answer was wrong. Kind of demotivated. Some of my friends complaining about the lecturer. Huh! skip this part as i started lazy to think about school stuff.

Besides academic, feel stress of some problems. It bothering me for few days already and i hope it will be stop as fast as possible. I am trying to think straight and positive.

Today lunch was at Canton House. First time trying out the CH@1b. The other day.. Hola, Ona, Michi & veron eating at there. Today i feel mentally tired so trying to eat something nice and new.
Chicken Sauce Rice.
Forget the name.....
Wantan Soup. RM 6.80.

Since our main purpose is to eat only and GSC is just a feewww steps from CH, we headed to watch Despicable Me. Its funny. XDDD The kids are so cute. Fyi, target was not achieved this month. XDDD


My favourite lunch.


Two more days for this week. Next week there will be a midterm for TS. stress~
I said i dont want blog bout academic. but my mind is really full of academic stuff now. T.T
Too many things to do, Too many times.....
Yet the times are not used to do the things that many needed to done. What am i talking?
I wonder why some people look so calm.
Am i the one going insane soon?

One more thing, i realized i didnt talked much this few days. FUH!
I started to hate the crowd. I felt that i want be alone but at the same time i dont want. WTH!
Ignore me...i will be ok when weekends come.

Today is just wednesday. Two more day......

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