Friday, July 23, 2010

kind of...headache...


Finally friday comes. Its a longggggg day for me. T.T The morning class which is sir M class, what i can say is i almost explode waiting for the 2 hours class to end. My mind totally not inside class. Went to eat at 1b. Went to library. Went to 2pm class and went home. Luckily i am still early and only some light traffic jam. Actually i was very happy that its already 4pm and tomoro saturday. Who knows i met my coursemates on foyer and they said monday sir M want to see the plan. OMG! i tot it is on week week after...and not next week. now headache. Wondering where i can get the drawing plan. I dont know any architect friends....dont even have uncle or aunty or mum or dad who works as civil engineer. There are some of my coursemates that already get the plan. well, its either from their parents or relatives or....ARGH!!!!! im so stress!!! where i am going to get a house plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorro got this Suaimesra for senior and junior. High probability i am not going to join because i have to accompany Nanaryde for doing the thesis around inanam area. Going to check the features around that area. Hehe. Bet it will be a nice trip and i can be a "geologist" for a day.. XDD

Sunday. At home...waiting monday to arrive...uiseh...suda plan ni ba... XD

but then i still headache.

P/s: yesterday went to watch The sorcerer's apprentice. not bad laaa....wanna watch inception~

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