Thursday, July 29, 2010

The lab


Today is the first lab day for this sem.
Morning class was okay....
Sir J never make us feel bored inside the class though
i really feel very sleepy as i slept quiet late last night.
And i will never sleep that late again because i felt very sleepy this morning
that i had to drive extra carefully as the moment
i lost focus on driving, my leg automatically press more on the fuel and
the speed go up faster and...
ARGHHH!!!! so suffering if lack of sleepppp~

Some of the pics i manage to grab during the lab.
Every group doing different experiments.
Some were hard, some were easy.
Mine was regarding the specific gravity of soil.

Oh~ all these pics were not my group.

I didnt take pics of my group. =)

Tomorow friday.

Saturday coming.
I got order a box of cupcakes....argghhhhhh
cant wait to get it.

i get a SHOCKINGGGGG news today!!!!

but i'll blog about it next week i think... =)

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