Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sam Sung.

Gonna get get~
Gonna get get~
Gonna get gettt gettttt~~


Month ago
Since i watched this camera advertisement on television.
I am truly madly deeply falling in love with it.
i meant it.
I went to electronic shops and immediately will went to camera corner to search for the price.
sadly, i didnt found any of this camera in KK.
quiet disappointed as i guess KK still dont have this kind of camera
but quiet happy means i no need waste a sum of money to buy this.
erm...because i still got a camera.

but last night
I went yumcha with friends and one of them using this!!!!
i am so excited!!!!!!!!
and she bought from the shop that i went before.
Huat Ming there.
When i find review on the google.
It wrote RM1k.
and it quite turn me down.
because if 1k better i add some more money and get a beginner DSLR.
But then....
she said, now this camera's price is rm700 only...

Gonna get get~
Gonna get get~
Gonna get gettt gettttt~~

Whats the best part i like when i first saw it?
The obvious physical appearance that you can see on the first pic,
-it got front lcd screen.
It means for the people who like to SS like MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
who cant snap a better ss pic using normal camera.
its either the angle not correct
or.....the other part of the face was "crop".
so this one really like my N73.

The back is like this.
No physical buttons u can found and everything touch screen...
No shutter button.
which make me hesitate awhile.
can i SS using the touchscreen on the back?
its so weird and hard.

another con is this cam no manual setting.
all auto, which make me hesistate again.

reading the review really make me weak.


I will make a decision....sooner....

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