Saturday, July 17, 2010



After the jog at bukit padang, the next day i had sore throat.
So yesterday i spent my whole day sleeping.

Today, get well a bit but i dont want to spend my whole day at home again.
So joining Nana Ryde to UMS library.
After that, went to celcom center at damai to terminate the broadband.
I thought it will be very simple and can be done immediately.
Who knows the officer tell me still need to wait for 2 weeks,
they need to sum up all the account? something like that.
I told them i just want to terminate it and i want to settle all the payment today.
But then she resisted and said the total only can be know 2 weeks later.

I pay for every month.
U have my records already.
so check online laaa....
why need to wait another 2 weeks?
i mean...what acc lagi u need to do?
why i cant settle everything on 1 day?
if u buying a broadband...everything was fast...
when u want to terminate.....its slower than the snail....

and im starving until felt dizzy.
So went to the nearest Upperstar for lunch.
the lunch set so worth!
guess i will be coming for lunch more next time at there...

Ice lemon tea add on for rm1.80 only.

The fish fillet burger for rm6.90
If compare to mcD lunch set...
Fish fillet burger...
i want try out other set next time.....

After that, went to Karamunsing to buy a thing.
Found whole stores and finally bought it.
I scared it doesnt look the same with the one that had broken
but thankfully its the same!

The day is still early.
We head off to CP.
Finally i can resist the temptation to go for a movie...
my target is a movie a month only.
duno can make it or not.

While jalan sana jalan sini...
feel tired with the sore throat.
So bought the HONG LOU KAT to drink.
and go to a pharmacy buy the super duper kuat punya ubat sakit kerongkong.
and it cost me rm13!!!!!
quite sad but really good the ubat..
now no more sore throat.
but change to demam...
patut i go ask her lagi...
i want super duper kuat punya ubat demam...

P/s: min ah.....i know u sick too...hope u get well soon and we can aja2 fighting for next week..i feel the stress already. Its so tough. =(

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