Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grown ups


Enough rest.
Evening, went out with Rc, Jinyin, Edmund and he bring along his siblings too.
Dine at wagamama.

I promised them to watch Step up 3D again.....
but then suddenly remember i paid rm 15 to hold the 3d Spec all the time the movie showing.
*p/s: im wearing spec.
Its so tiring and not worth.
i didnt watch Step up 3D with them.
Went to watch
Grown Ups.
Adam Sandler!
its so funny and...errr......uek~
you know what i mean if you watch it.
If you want to laugh from the beginning until the end of the movie.
This one is highly recommended.

Next, went to Olde station Damai.
and Metro.
I dont play pool.
But Ed's siblings were Pro.
Salute them!
Lastly, went home.
The coffee's effect not bad.
It keep me fresh until the next day.

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