Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miri Mari Mani Hong


This is my very first trip with friends to a place out of Sabah - Miri.
Actually the plan was not like that, we were aiming to go Kuching.
Due to the expanses are out of our budget, we chose to go Miri.

Leaving on Sunday morning, we reached Miri's airport and fetched by Edmund.
This part really millions thanks to Ed because without the transport,
our trip will be very limited which is probably in town area only.

After meeting Ed, we went to fetch up friend, Bryan in Curtin for lunch
and straight away visited Curtin.

It was sunday.
The road was fulled with cars.
Jam everywhere but not as bad as in KK.^^
The Bintang Mega Mall, locals just called it as "Parkson".
The one and only place in Miri where u can get a mcD.
Visited up to down, down to up of the mall.
We heading to another hot spot.

The Marina Bay.
This is the Seahorse Light House.
I really hope can go inside and climb until the top of it.
Sadly, it was closed.
Ed, Cjy, Nic.

First Night.
Visited Boulevard Mall.

Second day, we woke up late.
Having lunch then heading to another hot spot.

The Grand Old Lady at Canada Hill.
So much trusses right?

Canada Hill where u can see the nice view of Miri town.
Just like......KK punya Signal Hill.

Then, went to Taman Awam Miri.
Its like a mini theme park.
Sadly the Hanging bridges were closed.
Under Maintenance.
Met some ridiculous, mou tai mou sai's kids there.
The kids scolded us because we played at the playground there.
Who cares...
But got accident happens there.
and dont worry.
Everything was fine.

Trusses again~ haha...
Seeing these trusses in Miri really reminds me of my works lefted in KK.
By the way, this is an Observation Tower in that Taman Awam.
However, i felt that there is nothing to observe in this uppermost tower
except airplane landing in the far far far awayyyy~
Seriously remind me of Labuan Survey Camp presentation.
OH no~~~

Then, we followed Ed's friends to a golf club i think, at the new Miri by-pass.
Yi Shu? Not sure the pronunciation.
Rm1o for 100 balls.

After that, we went to the Tanjong Lobang.
If not mistaken also called TAman Selera.
Just like the Tanjung Aru in KK.
Beach and stalls.

Ed's friends.

Romantic couple founded.

Second Night.
Went to eat the Mee Kolok which i dono what is the name of that place.
Only for Rm2.50!
It was so delicious.

Then, we went to watch basketball match between Bintulu and Kuching.
We went there and it is almost finish.
Ed's friend is joining the match.
So we went there to support Bintulu's team.

Supper at Seahorse Bistro.
The chicken wings were sadaaaaaap~.
Seriously, Ed's friends are really good in bringing us to the nicest place in town.

The last day in Miri.
Woke up late again.

This time, went to try the Guo Zha.
I do not know what is the name in Malay or English.
It can only be found in Sarawak and double Sadappppp.....
Rm4. You cant find Rm 2.50 or Rm 4 nice food anymore in KK.
Most of the sadappppp food are Rm5 Above.
Sarawak food really cheap and sadappppppppppppp.......

Then, we went to Luak Esplanade.

See the bungalow like palace there.
Its the richest people in Miri's house - Shin Yang.
and it was......
strictly no entry.

The backdoor of the bungalow.
Even the arch can worth a house.

Miri people was rich. Many bungalows detected especially all the way to Luak Bay.

Finished explode Miri town in 2 days.
Left over time, we went to the Miri City Fan.
Just a normal garden in town.
The design if looked from the sky is like the fan.

No place to explore already.
Lastly we went to Ed's friend house wait time to pass and night.
Dinner again in nice and cheap restaurant called Hua Long.
The Chicken Chop Rm10 only.
You cant find that cheap in KK.
Again. Sorry i keep compare it with KK.

After that, went back to KK.
Edmund's friends all were nice and funny.
Conclusion from me (aisehseh) : Nice food. Nice people. Nice place.

*WOW...long time no post such a LONG post.
So many incidents happen there.
Nice memory.
Next destination would be Brunei.

Back to reality.

*P/s : Million thanks to Rc for the pics, since my camera broke down, i just have to take the pics from u and hehe. Thanks!

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Fox Tkl said...

Dear Nicole,
I thank you girl for a nice introduction of Miri. Yes, I grew up in Kuching and Miri respectively. Left Sarawak as a young teenager. Most of those places you visited; I have never been to but yes, I have heard of.
Before I left, I also visited KK

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