Friday, September 17, 2010

Beautiful lie

Suddenly i remember one incident.
A nightmare that i would not want to remember at all.

When i was small,
i used to feel that every words older people said to us was truth.
This human being, i met her once or perhaps twice a year.
She give me hope, a sense of hope by giving me a beautiful lie.
She never know that beautiful lie had been haunted that girl ever after.

I used to hope...
and hope...
This beautiful lie to me is not that beautiful anymore.

I was 21st this year.
I am no more that 8 or 9 years old girl that easy to be cheated.
I just realized every words that she had told me is a lied.
Ugly lie ever.
It never exist.
It is just like a fairy tale story to me.

I never meet her again.
I dont want.

Thank you so much.
I forgive you.

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