Thursday, September 16, 2010

The sunset


First of all, Happy Pembentukan Malaysia Day!
I found it cool by saying like that.
*copied from tv.
kwang kwang kwang.

Today was totally not in the mood to study or do assignment.
I know I really should continue with my work today.
It was no progress at all and i am sick of it.
I was begging my mum to bring me out somewhere to buy at least one thing.
release stress la kunun...
but wish was not granted.

Then, a sudden plan.
Its not only me that feel bored.
my other frens also!
kwang kwang kwang.
After some discussion in facebook.
We started off our plan on 2pm.

We went to 1b at 2pm for....
Resident evil.
Then, fetch edmund.
Heading to eat pudding at salut.
Somebody was forcing me to go there since holidays start,
but i keep rejecting said i am so busy with work.
But lastly, we are here.

Then, our next plan is to watch sunset.
Since we went to Karambunai last time,
this time we went to Rasa Ria.
On the way, we were stop by the traffic officer.
We need to wait on the road side to give way to our PM.
He is in the Kampus Intan Sabah there.
So cool. Its feel like those Iris Movie.
assasin~ lol.

PM's car. kakaka.....

Seriously its my very first time go there.
We were stop by the guard when we are trying to go in through the back entrance.
There are function there.
Somebody is married today.
We then entered through the main entrance.
see below.
sunset wedding....
but actually no la.
I thought it is a sunset wedding.
But actually its a wedding at night and
it was candle light wedding night.
romantic la~


Move forward or move backward?

After the sun tenggelam.
we proceed with next plan, movie for Devil~
1B does not have devil,
so we switch to Suria.

The 100 yen shop at Suria.

Then dinner...
This one seriously bikin panas.
it was just 9pm.
Kfc - ayam habis sila tunggu 18 min. wth~
business ayam tapi ayam habis....
In business term, open a business,
in that 18 min do you know how many loss you can make?
Told us to wait 18 min.
My patience is not good.
we go another shop.
Chicken rice shop.
Another one.
sorry..we were closed.
KK ba ni~ baru 9pm ba ni....
Next, pizza hut.
Thank godness it is still not closed.
Cheese Baked Rice.

for me,
not nice at all.
Its like eating the nasi goreng that my mum cook at home.
The cheese is crispy type.
Not the type that i longing to eat.

After Devil,
went to JP.
Sadly, once we sat down.
It started to rain.

We change place to Fook Yuen.
Eat ah~
Makan ah~
Everthing end around 12am.

Seriously a memorable trip for this raya holidays.
but of course with the Miri trip.

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