Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Mooncake day.

Life is so busy starting this week and so on.
Few weeks to final.
This is too fast.

I was thinking how to spend my holidays already.

I sleep almost 6 hours a day.
Which is so not me.
Wake up every morning un-energetic and
forced myself to class.

Its not that i am so hardworking to do my work.
Yeah. i got do my work.
Its endless.
But i spend most of my times playing Empirer somethin game.
Its so addictive.
The record that i cant help myself : playing 11 hours continuously
and just up 1 level.
i really cant help myself to play this game.
I play game more than i facebook this few days.

So here some pictures i found recently in my hp.


Raya hamper bought for relatives in Kinarut.
Nampak pendek.
Berat mau angkat ni.

Burger King@putatan.

Blue Mr.Bean's car spotted in 1B.

House renovation.
I heart brickwall.
This is day 1.
But now completed.
Except the paint.
Need wait dont know how long....

Starbuck@Warisan with friends.
Love them!
Back home at 2am.
Luckily, no volcanoes erupted.
Game until dawn.

Shopping@ Karamunsing.
Michi white, Me black, vero silver.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!!!

This year is special because i eat lots of mooncake.
Years before this, I seldom eat.
Because we did not buy.
Expensive ba.
1 Box around Rm55.

This year is an exception.

First mooncake eat is bought by Aunt Jen.
Very sadappppp...
Yam flavor + pandan.

Second mooncake was bought by father...
Around 7 boxes!!!!
but some is gift to his friends.
this moon cake is cheaper.

And unique.

Its jelly mooncake.
Mixed flavor.

On way home from lecture,
Spotted the cute pinkylicious motor.
All in pink and white.

Doing beam design@ Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa + Old townGayaStreet.

Third Mooncakes.

Its especially delivered by uncle Fang Chen from Aunt Nabo.
Uncle Fang Chen travelled to kk with friends and bought us
mooncakes from KL.

Casahana Mooncakes.

Everyone is taking pics of these boxes.
Because its to cute!!!!
4 Boxes for 4 families.

Susun mooncakes boxes. ^^

Paling Manang punya packaging!!
The elders are berabut which one they want.

The pinkylicious mooncake.
Flavor : something milk yeast ....not sure....
Hottest selling.
According to the brochure.
* heart*

Thanks Aunt Jen.
Thanks Aunt Nabo.
Thanks Dad.

Anything weird with this handphone charger?

It is very dangerous but my dad just does not care and use it.

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