Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raya holidays

10/9/10 - 11/9/10
Friday. Saturday

I planned to spend these two days at home doing homeworks.
But i was forced to go back to my mum's hometown.
Does not like there because there is nothing i can do there except
watch tv, sleep, eat, go to help parents in the kebun.

My hp was totally out of batt and im playing with my mum's hp.
The famous-amous doggie among the family.
.Ming Zhe.

Ming Zhe pose 1.
Ming Zhe pose 2.

This doggie. Very clever.
She know where is the lens and whenever i try to snap her face pic,
she will always avoid it.

Its gonna gonna gonna rain soon.

Pokok Langsat.

Akibat boring yang melampau.
Lets play with sarung~
Pirate's style.
Penyamun's style
Budak kampong's style
Selendang style.
Tasu makan campulut.
Si buntut aka si bingo.

Just ordinary day spend in kampong.
Boring but happy.

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